Importance of Author Rank in the World of SEO

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Author Rank" is a new update from Google and is a new term in SEO for 2013. It is
similar to the PageRank that is set by Google to identify and analyse value of a
webpage or a website. The difference between the two is that the page rank is given
for the webpage for its quality for a long period, while Author Rank is given to identify
the authority of a web author, blogger or a content writer.
Concept of Author Rank
The purpose of author rank is to recognize quality content writers and their
knowledge about a particular subject. It is like a measure of the authority of a
website or a blog on the internet. Google has defined this rank to give good results
for web users.
Author Rank will simply be the most crucial factor in SEO to arrange the websites in
ranking orders in all search engines and thus, the author’s reputation will be more
The reputation of the content writer will affect the rank of the website. The most key
crucial aspects about Author Rank are:
 G+ Profiles: Author Rank is linked to Google Plus profiles.
 Content writing might no longer depend on webpage or domain; it will
now be based on author’s reputation and the authority of the author is also
 Stick only to one topic. If the blogger writes a total host of subjects then the
content might be assumed to be weaker. Google will rank improved authors
The interesting part of this new update is that it uses Google Plus. So, authors are
now encouraged to boost SEO by using Google plus. Here is the procedure on how
to use Google Plus for SEO. On the Google plus profile page, you can find a
contributor section at the bottom of the page. In this section, you can enter the blog
details you are contributing to. By doing so, you can create a relationship that will
increase your SEO. This also makes your listing more noticeable in a search as it
makes your picture to turn up.
The standard SEO criteria will also be highly valued.
The change everybody is expecting to see is more bloggers on Google Plus. Google
is very sneaky in making their search engine crucial for SEO, but just as bloggers
might adhere to their condition and switch to Google+, Google is just doing what they
need to do to attract more users to their social media platform.

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